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The benefits of working with OPENLANE

Our online car auction platform is exclusively for professional traders. This means our clients know exactly what to look for—and what to look out for—when it comes to used vehicles. As someone considering working with OPENLANE, you might wonder why these experienced traders choose to work with us. It’s a matter of trust, confidence and satisfaction. We deliver exactly what they want: a huge range of quality vehicles with honest and reliable vehicle assessments. And there are plenty of other benefits too.

1. 4000 vehicles on offer every day
You’ll find an average of 4000 vehicles available every day at OPENLANE. They come from leading leasing and car rental companies, car dealers, fleet owners and manufacturers. The range includes passenger cars, vans, light trucks and even damaged vehicles, with many different body types available: Sedans, Station wagons, Cabrios, Coupés, Compact cars, SUVs, MPVs, Hatchbacks, Vans, Minibuses, Trucks and Motorbikes.

2. Personal support
Knowing which vehicles you want to bid on is only half the challenge. You also need to understand exactly what you’re doing when you bid. And that’s easier if you’re conducting business in your native tongue. At OPENLANE, you make purchases in your own language. And if you need to call for help? A fully trained customer service agent will help you in that same language.

3. After-sales care
The support doesn’t end once your purchase is finalised. Our transport services ensure smooth delivery. And if you’re a continental European customer, we can also help with administration assistance and export documents. In the rare event that something goes wrong with your purchase, our claims service makes sorting things out quick and easy. Just follow the steps laid out on your ‘My Account’ page.

4. Value for money
You don’t pay us anything until you actually make a purchase. It’s free to register, free to contact us, and free to bid. And if you win? You won’t be surprised by hidden fees. Any costs you might have to pay are listed on the bidding page, with even more information available in our FAQs. You can familiarise yourself with these before even placing your first bid.

5. Keep track of everything
Your OPENLANE account is set up to make your life easier. With your own personal dashboard in ‘My Account’, following up on auctions and bids is as simple as can be:
• Keep an eye on your favourite vehicles
• Follow the auctions you’re interested in
• Check the status of your bids
• Track your purchases every step of the way

6. A partner you can trust
We pride ourselves on reliability, and we always act with integrity, no matter the circumstances. Our vehicles are presented with detailed descriptions and damage reports—often supplied by an independent third party—so you know exactly what you’re bidding on. And whenever you need help with anything, our friendly customer service team is only a phone call away.

OPENLANE is a growing company. As we expand, we strive to offer even better possibilities and even more opportunities for you. Do you need a service that’s not mentioned here? Please contact us. We’d love to know how best to help you.

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